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Introducing Melbourne and Victoria's newest member to the landscaping industry! Call us on (03) 9739 1199

By combining the key features of existing bark blower units Blow It Mulch Melbourne will offer services that no other bark blower company in Victoria or even Australia is capable of providing at this time. With our state of the art equipment we blow mulch and bark into locations up to 150 metres away from the truck, allowing our team to offer a mess free application of a large variety of products including coloured mulch, playground mulch, soil, recycled green waste and pine bark. By using our specialised equipment, we can blow your landscaping products in a way that has not previously been available, or even seen in Australia! We are continually proving that we can blow a vast range of landscaping materials in a fraction of the time of any other method, in a way that is far more accurate, clean, and above all, safer than any other method of product placement. Our truck has a larger capacity than any bark blowing truck in Victoria which allows us to cut costs on delivery, and to finish your job faster that ever before!

On the environmental side of the scale we pride ourselves on our excellent approach to water saving, soil erosion and soil rejuvenation for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. This service is provided by injecting native grass seeds into the soil during the application process by utilizing a system where the grass seed, soil and a bio-degradable bonding agent are combined to bind the products and adhere them to sloping surfaces.

Our truck has also been specially designed to cater for the dispersion of recycled green waste, which is rapidly becoming one of the more desired methods of mulching due to its cost efficiency and the growing need to recycle green waste in today’s world.

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