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Maroondah Highway

Due to our unique hoses and truck design our State of the Art Blower Unit can blow coarse products such as recycled green waste with no fuss in a fraction of the time of conventional methods!

Recycled Green Waste

Our Blower Unit is the only one of its kind in Victoria and its unique design allows our staff to safely and efficiently blow products such as recycled green waste and recycled timber. Using other methods has caused numerous issues and has taken away from the convenience of having the materials blown in. The beauty of our system is that it allows us to blow these cheaper sustainable products faster and pass the savings on to you!

Shepparton BMX Track

The BMX National Competition Track used 300 cubic metres of recycled green waste, and took less than 2 days to complete the mulching.

Thanks again for the speedy response and the boys have done a great job as usual.

Kris -- Playground Maintenance

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