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Our blower unit has a larger capacity than any other blower truck in Melbourne, which makes it the obvious choice for any projects where there is a limited timeframe. Being the state of the art equipment, our blower unit is able to put out products faster than any other available method. Our professional staff will leave your job with a finish that is second to none!

On a few occasions this year, our school has utilised Blow It Mulch to assist with restocking our softfall on our play equipment and re-mulching garden beds. The team have ensured that the jobs have been completed quickly and efficiently, and with minimal disruption to our play space. Their method of distribution has not only ensured that the material is spread evenly, but has also saved our school community hours of labour, being significantly easier than having to assemble parents to distribute the material after school, or at a working bee.

Principal -- Coldstream Primary School

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